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Must be Tuesday

…because Tuesday evening is when I coach at Life Time. And once again there there are thunderstorms in the forecast. I better start planning a treadmill workout. I have yet to take my team of runners outdoors on this run.

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Butter in Your Coffee?

It tried this idea out this morning. But I didn’t have any of the MCT oil, not even sure what that is or where I can get it. But I did use the Kerrygold unsweetened butter. If this concept really takes off, somebody in Ireland is going to get rich for sure.

Anyway, I definitely noticed a smoother coffee this time, though I was missing the taste that my usual accompaniment soy cream adds. I may try a dash of caramel syrup next time.

So does it work? Well, I usually am starting to get those lunchtime hunger pangs around 11am, but not today. And it’s nearly noon now.

I am wondering if this is something good to have before a long run or marathon. Early results seem to indicate yes.

All that said I don’t think I would have it everyday. Still something to consider before long runs or even before what I know will be a long work day.

Busy weekend

Too busy to post photos or workout reports. But I’ve been at it. 10 miles yesterday while coaching my Team in Training runners. I did rest on Friday, much needed. Today I will switch it up and do a small brick, bike 45-60 minutes and then run 2 miles just to make sure I get 35 miles run for the week. 35 is not a bad total considering I had two races this week. Also, today I will finally inaugurate the Saucony Mirages that I’ve been breaking in. Time to retire to Brooks PureFlows which went out on a high note with yesterday’s 10 miler.

Herndon caboose out & back from work - all easy near Reston

What a nice evening for a run. Days like this don’t come often in the DC area during summer. It was so nice I couldn’t wait to get home, so I took off from the office and headed out west on the W&OD for 3.5 miles then turned back. I had a lot of lactic acid to work out of my body after two races this week so I kept it easy, so it surprised me to see a the end that I was going at just below an 8-minute clip. Not bad for “recovery” pace.

I still need to stretch and foam roll. Hoping for a bike-to-work day tomorrow.

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5K race dud

It wasn’t exactly the result I was hoping for tonight. Apparently racing two days ago was too much too overcome. I really can’t blame outside factors tonight; I got there in plenty of time to do a proper warmup and the weather was perfect. I just plain stunk it up.

The first mile was slow (6:17) and I was already laboring. I thought early in the second mile that maybe I was breaking through the fatigue but the sensation was short-lived. My pace dropped into the 6:40s where it stayed. I kept trying to push harder but legs just wouldn’t go tonight. Final time was 20:29, far short of the sub-20 result I was seeking. In fact, i am certain I was considerably faster at 5k two nights ago in that 4-miler.

I still managed to be 2nd in the age group again, taking 19 of 20 points. Unfortunately the same guy ahead of me has taken all 20 points in every one of my races. So I guess I have 2nd place largely locked up. 

Clearly I didn’t have what I needed tonight to run well. Lingering fatigue from Monday definitely got me. I guess I overestimated how quickly I would recover. Tough lesson to learn (or re-learn). But I think I’ve gotten the message this time. Tomorrow will be a very easy day, followed by cross training on Friday. By the time I run 10 with my Team in Training runners on Saturday I should be fully reset. 

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Race #2 of the week tomorrow

Tonight I just did a little shakeout run of 4 because I have another club race tomorrow, this time a 5k. It is also the club’s official 5k championship race so I certainly want to put my best foot forward.

Tonight I kept it easy. After coaching the group run at Life Time, I jumped on the treadmill myself and logged out my miles. Most of them were super-easy at recovery pace, but in the middle I threw in a couple of 400s at race pace. Hopefully I am ready.

4, er 3.8 mile race results

A big storm system rolled through the area about 3 hours before the scheduled start time for tonight’s club 4-miler. And before it left, the storm deposited a tree right across the trail we were to race on. Though the rain departed in time for the start not much could be done about the tree, other than alter the course. As a result our course came out to 3.8 miles. I ran 24:40 for the course through the mud and puddles, 12th overall. With another race on Wednesday, I’ll take tonight and move on.

Humid yet again

I have a race scheduled tomorrow night so tonight’s run was just an easy shakeout followed by some stretching and foam rolling. Once again the humidity was oppressive. Even after my little run at nearly 8pm my shirt was soaked.

Tomorrow night’s event is a 4-miler at Fletcher’s Boathouse in Georgetown, on the Capital Crescent. These club races are always advertised as rain or shine but the club has been known to cancel them if the weather is extremely hot or there are dangerous storms in the area. Either of those could be in play tomorrow, but I will be ready to run one way or the other. If it gets called, that’s OK — because I have another race on Wednesday night.

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I was at DSW earlier today to get new shoes for work, and what do I stumble across but a pair of the Brooks PureCadence 2 for $50? Some things are just meant to be. #runblr #fitblr #brooksrunning #runningshoes

I was at DSW earlier today to get new shoes for work, and what do I stumble across but a pair of the Brooks PureCadence 2 for $50? Some things are just meant to be. #runblr #fitblr #brooksrunning #runningshoes

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